XP-357 Pneumatic Shockwave Device

The Explotrain XP-357 Pneumatic Shockwave Device provides a method of simulating explosive battlefield effects to safely train in scenarios where concealment is vital to react to hidden threats faced in theater.
Explotrain, LLC

Explotrain, LLC

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At Explotrain we strive to produce the best, most reliable, and safest battlefield effects, training aids and blast simulators available on the market. We understand training is constantly evolving to adapt to the emerging threats encountered on the battlefield and incidents which are becoming more prevalent throughout the world.

GSA Exclusive

The XP-357 produces a tuned PULSE shockwave effect which creates a unique tactile impulse or impact. The XP-357's small size allows concealment almost anywhere: under a workbench in an HME lab, beneath the seat of a vehicle, or inside simulated IEDs themselves such as a pipe bomb, artillery shell housing or fuel jug. The simulator can be mounted to virtually any surface or in enclosed spaces where pyrotechnics would be unsafe or impractical. The XP-357 is safe to hand-carry and hand-fire or discharge inside vehicles with personnel. It requires no burst discs or containers and can be refilled and fired in seconds.


  • Equipped Hardwire Trigger.
  • Equipped with Key Fob Remote Control.
  • Equipped with Key Fob Remote Control and FX attachment for enhanced visual effects.
  • Equipped with FX attachment for enhanced visual effects and Long Range Receiver interface capabilities.
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