X-WIIFE Training Monitoring App

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The Explotrain Wireless Interface for Inert Functional Explosive devices (X-WIIFE) is an instructor interface application that communicates on a closed 2-way system with Explotrain Inert Functional IEDs (IFIED) through WiFi or Bluetooth controls.
Explotrain, LLC

Explotrain, LLC

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At Explotrain we strive to produce the best, most reliable, and safest battlefield effects, training aids and blast simulators available on the market. We understand training is constantly evolving to adapt to the emerging threats encountered on the battlefield and incidents which are becoming more prevalent throughout the world.

GSA Exclusive

The X-WIIFE monitors up to six switches a simulator can be utilizing and records each session with student name, timestamp and graph indicating which switch was triggered at any given time during the recorded training session or test. The X-WIIFE records both analog and digital inputs, mapping the sensitivities to show a student why they failed or how close they came to triggering a device, ensuring teachable moments in an after action review. The instructor can adjust settings, arm, fire and disarm the device remotely, allowing versatility and continuation of training without stopping to reset a problem.

Includes Lenovo Yoga tablet operating Android 5.1 and two IFIED boards.

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