X-LRT Long Range Transmitter

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The Explotrain X-LRT Long Range Transmitter provides a rugged housing and an intuitive interface for controlling up to ten Explotrain simulators.
Explotrain, LLC

Explotrain, LLC

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At Explotrain we strive to produce the best, most reliable, and safest battlefield effects, training aids and blast simulators available on the market. We understand training is constantly evolving to adapt to the emerging threats encountered on the battlefield and incidents which are becoming more prevalent throughout the world.

GSA Exclusive

Ten LEDs are each dedicated to a simulator and continuously indicate the communications status of the unit and Armed/Disarmed/Firing state as well. A single operator can control and monitor an entire training range of several acres from one location. This centralized control not only provides for a safer environment but allows other instructors to monitor students and provide instruction without the distractions of individually monitoring the effects for a particular scenario.

Frequency: 915 MHz. Range: 800m+.
Water resistant housing.
AA battery power supply.

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