Tether Kit

The SkyRanger R70* and SkyRaider R80D Tether Kit enables continuous operation of the aircraft and attached payloads in support of multiple mission sets. The Tether Kit consists of a detachable harness/power converter, battery replacement modules, and interfaces with off-the-shelf ground stations.
Tether Kit
Tether Kit Tether Kit

Should a loss of tether power occur, the system will warn the operator and continue to fly on internal batteries until a low-power condition triggers either an automatic descent to a safe AGL altitude, or a safe auto-land. Highly transportable, the Tether Kit is designed for use in austere environments. The system provides aircraft power at elevations approaching 130m AGL** across a range of environmental conditions and may be installed or removed from the aircraft in the field within five minutes.

Wide range of possible mission sets: use either FLIR payloads or your own application specific payload enabled by the FLIR Payload Development Kit (PDK)***.

*Similar in capabilities to the R80D but for non-U.S. military customers, the SkyRanger R70 was designed for the most demanding UAS operators within the global defense, security, and public safety markets.
**Ground station dependent
***Please consult with FLIR for payload/tether compatibility for your application


Tether Length 100m (300ft), 122m (400ft)*
Range of Motion Lateral translation 25m (80ft)
Yaw rotations: 10x each direction
Max Ceiling 3000m, 10,000 (ft) MSL
Wind Tolerance See Figure 1
Ground Station Velocity Fixed location
Flight Duration 24 hours**
Environmental Tolerance Aircraft and airborne tether components: IP54
Operating Temperature -10° C to 40° C (14° F to 104° F)
Power 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz

* Requires alternate ground station.
** Dependent on environmental conditions.

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