Structural Turnout SafetyCare Service

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Gear Wash PPE SafetyCare Services are focused on safety first and the care and maintenance needed to maintain the performance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to meet NFPA 1851 compliance.
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Gear Wash provides high-quality specialty services and products for the High-Performance Workwear markets, including first responders and industrial workers that perform dangerous jobs to help assure their health and safety.

GSA Exclusive

Included with this PPE SafetyCare Service are advanced cleaning, complete turnout and liner inspection, advanced repairs, warranty repairs and final testing to confirm compliance with NFPA 1851 standard. This service excludes turnout gear over 8 years old, replacement pockets or other options, reconstructing lower legs and cuffs due to excessive wear or incorrect fit, burn damage beyond the design limits of the turnout, alterations or modifications, helmet shield or goggle replacement, boot repairs and laundry chemical damage repair.


  • Care and maintenance on a single set of turnout gear, including coat and pant with suspenders.
  • Care and maintenance on a single set of turnout gear, including coat, pant with suspenders, hood, gloves, helmet and boots.
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