SRV® Extreme 3x

The SmartRayVision® Extreme 3x system builds on the success and reliability of our Extreme 2x system. The Extreme 3x allows operators to identify the threat using advanced long-range communications and our Near Zero Margin, Non-Glass DR Imaging Panels.
SRV® Extreme 3x
SRV® Extreme 3x SRV® Extreme 3x
  • 10”x12” and/or 14”x17” Non-Glass Narrow Margin DR Imager Panel
  • Upgraded CommTrigger® wireless unit allowing 5GHz connectivity in a smaller package
  • Wired connectivity
  • Indefinite Exposure Window, allowing for X-Rays of dense or sensitive materials
  • XTK Integration
  • Self-Healing WiFi
  • Host Nation Radio Compliance
  • Operating temperature of -21°F to 150°F
  • U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army Cyber and RF Spectrum Certified
  • NSWC MTAB All EOD Use Approved
  • Secure Encrypted X-Ray Vision Image Sharing App
  • Ingress Protection rating of IP67 for Imager Panel. 4-foot drop shock tolerance
  • 3D Image Viewing Capability
  • Full Color Image Analysis
  • Manufactured and Serviced in Green Bay, WI
  • P/N: P1012V3X / P1417V3X / SRVDUAL3

New Custom Built EOD DR Imager

  • Latest Non-Glass DR Technology
  • Narrow 4mm Margin
  • EOD Rugged 4 Ft. Drop Tested + IP67
  • EOD Extreme Energy 400kV+
  • Temperature Range -21°F to 150°F

Advanced Communications Hardware & Software

  • Real-Time Power & WiFi SitRep
  • RF Spectrum Certified
  • Host Nation Compliance
  • Optional Frequencies 2.4GHz, 5GHz
  • Self Healing WiFi
  • Military (STIGS) Cyber Secure

Component List

  • Mil-Grade Controller
  • All New CommTrigger® with Picatinny Mount
  • (2) 6 meter ultrathin network cable spool
  • (1) 50 meter ultrathin network cable spool
  • All New SRV® Software with Reachback
  • Custom Ruggedized Case

Complete System Options

  • SV X1012® Extreme 3x
  • SV X1417® Extreme 3x
  • SV® Dual Extreme 3x
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