Skeeter Type 6 Flatbed Brush Truck

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The Skeeter Type 6 Flatbed Brush Truck is simple to operate, easy to maintain and maximizes truck efficiency.
Skeeter Brush Trucks

Skeeter Brush Trucks

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Skeeter Brush Trucks live up to your expectations. Our team puts their hearts into everything we build because so much rides on everything we do.

GSA Exclusive

The custom Flatbed can easily double compartment space over a commercial body. The body is built using high strength, lightweight aluminum and is engineered for severe duty wildland firefighting with large frame rails and large cross members welded closer together and spring-mounted to the chassis frame, options rarely offered on any commercial bodies. The truck is a NWCG compliant Type 6 Wildland Engine built on a Ford F350 4x4 Diesel, Extended Cab chassis with a 114-inch aluminum flatbed body. A five (5) year parts and labor warranty on items manufactured by Skeeter Brush Trucks and a ten (10) year warranty on the structural integrity of the body comes standard. Contact Darley Defense for complete specs and delivery proposal.
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