ShadowTech Safe-House Ops Kit (S.H.O.K.)

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A security and situational awareness kit based on specific special operator collaboration, SHOK is extremely lightweight, covert, and full of artificial intelligence functionality.
ShadowTech Labs, Inc

ShadowTech Labs, Inc

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A manufacturer with both tactical and technical physical security expertise, ShadowTech Labs provides innovative and customized-to-mission, rapidly deployable, security products: enhancing the lethality and survivability of warfighters.


  • Highly capable artificial intelligence (AI) detection and assessment security kit operating across a secure wireless network
  • Provides live video, alarm annunciation, pre and post alarm video capture, and critical data to ruggedized tablet and handheld android phones; smart watches provide covert haptic (silent pulse/vibration) alert with critical alarm data
  • Enables and enhances immediate warfighter decision and response to threats
  • AI provides detection of intrusion, group massing, and object left behind object; facial recognition, people counting, video enhancer for stabilization and weather effects, direction controller, and multi-feature search
  • Cameras provide high definition (HD) video and built-in: video motion detection, infrared (IR) illumination, passive IR motion sensor, voice detection, and two-way audio
  • Designed to run on battery power (hot-swappable), it may also run on shore power, generator, or via optional covert solar panels
  • Tunnel Rat Communications Pucks allow tethering to existing IP tactical radio network for remote monitoring

Kit includes

  • (1) SENTINEL-C (covert) ultra-small ruggedized system “brain box” with ShadowTech’s VANGUARD data management and communication architecture (includes 2 charge-in-place/hot-swappable batteries)
  • (1) ShadowTech head-end communications node (connects the entire mesh network and Sentinel-C)
  • (1) ruggedized tablet with ShadowTech’s OVERWATCH graphical user interface (complete sensor/camera control; common operating picture; friendly tracking)
  • (2) handheld android phones (limited interface, assess alarms, live video call-up, friendly tracking)
  • (3) smart watches (silent alerts with critical alarm data)
  • (8) cameras (with hard-contact input and quick mounting hardware)
  • (8) ShadowTech Labs Tunnel Rat Communication Pucks (creates robust secure mesh communications network and option for IP tactical radio tethering)
  • Quantity of spare batteries for each device to operate up to two weeks and all required system cables & ruggedized casing


  • 1-person set up initially operational in 10 minutes; minimal training; intuitive operation
  • Option to seamlessly integrate with SENTINEL ESKs, STSKs, or other SHOKs for expanded area coverage and one complete common operating picture across all kits within the network

Options: additional watches, additional handheld android phones, additional tablets, laptop, stand-alone battery charger, unattended ground sensors (multi-sensor, break-wire, magnetic door switch), additional spare batteries, covert solar panels, additional AI (license plate recognition, etc.)

Security Applications: Special Operations (SOF, CIA, GRS, FBI), diplomatic security, covert ops, patterns of life ops, LP/OP

Customizable to your mission requirements.

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