SENTINEL Small Team Security Kit (SENTINEL STSK)

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Designed to meet the requirements of a 12-person team on 12 to 48-hour missions, the STSK is a flexible, rapidly deployable, self-sustaining, multi-sensor, intrusion detection, assessment, and communications kit.
ShadowTech Labs, Inc

ShadowTech Labs, Inc

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A manufacturer with both tactical and technical physical security expertise, ShadowTech Labs provides innovative and customized-to-mission, rapidly deployable, security products: enhancing the lethality and survivability of warfighters.


  • 360-degree situational awareness through a combination of unattended ground sensors and cameras monitored inside the STSK security ring
  • Provides video analytics, pre and post alarm video capture, and immediate PTZ assessment
  • All sensors monitored real-time for loss of communication indicating tampering, sabotage, or malfunction
  • Designed to run on battery power, the kit may also run on shore power, generator, or via optional covert solar panels


  • Detection and assessment of potential intrusions and threats out to 300+ meters
  • Integrated unattended ground sensors cover areas of interest to 600+ meters

Kit includes

  • (1) SENTINEL ruggedized system “brain box” with ShadowTech’s VANGUARD data management and communication architecture (includes 3 charge-in-place/hot-swappable batteries)
  • (1) ruggedized laptop with ShadowTech’s OVERWATCH graphical user interface (complete sensor/camera control; common operating picture)
  • (1) 360-degree infrared thermal radar
  • (1) pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • (6) unattended ground sensors and receiver (UGS)
  • (1) ruggedized lightweight tripod (20’ max extension with guy wire stabilization)
  • (2) ruggedized mesh radio panels for remote monitoring purposes (or option for 2 IP tactical/software defined radios based on mission needs)
  • (15) spare batteries and all required system cables & ruggedized casing


  • 1-person set up initially operational in 20 minutes; minimal training; intuitive operation
  • Option to seamlessly integrate with SENTINEL ESKs, SHOK, or other STSKs for expanded area coverage and one complete common operating picture across all kits within the network

Options: additional spare batteries, stand-alone battery charger, covert solar panels, additional sensors and interfaces (ruggedized laptops, tablets, handheld android phones, smart watches)

Security Applications: key leader engagements (KLE), combat outpost (COP), strongpoint, patterns of life ops, LP/OP, IED/EOD response, SFAB, RAVEN, DAGRE, CRG, FEMA, CBP, VIP off-site activity, augmentation and compensatory measures, etc.

 Customizable to your mission requirements.

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