• SOE: SPM8EJ-14-D-0004
  • FES: SPE8EH-19-D-0019
  • GSA 56: GS-07F-180GA
  • GSA 84: GS-07F-0387Y
  • GSA 78: GS-03F-044CA
  • GSA 23V: GS-30F-006GA
  • FEDMALL: SP47W1-18-D-0006

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Tom Wade

Regional Account Manager, Europe, Africa & Middle East

+44 (0) 773 800 9825

Inside Sales Rep: Heidi Arndorfer

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Tom Wade

Tom Wade is a Retired US DoD Fire Chief joining Darley Defense after 35 years in the Fire Service. Born in Japan with both parents serving in the USAF and raised in Colorado, Tom entered the Fire Protection Career Field as a civilian firefighter in Summit County, Colorado in 1979. Later joining the US Air Force as a firefighter and traveling to multiple overseas assignments and was a Space Shuttle Rescue Specialist for NASA through the DoD Manned Spaceflight office and directly supported 117 Space Shuttle Missions.

Transitioning into Civil Service in the late 1980’s where he progressively worked through the ranks to the position of Fire Chief in 1999, finishing his last 15 years as a US DoD Fire Chief at three USAF Bases and retiring in 2014 at RAF Lakenheath, UK. Tom’s achievements were well documented with awards for; United States Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service Award, Exemplary Civilian Service Award, Special Act/Service Award, Firefighter of the Year for several years across his career and the DoD Exceptional Service Award.

Tom Lives in the UK and is the Regional Sales Manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East for U.S. DoD Installations.

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