• BAMS: FA8629-15-A2403
  • SOE: SPM8EJ-14-D-0004
  • FES: SPM8EH-14-D-0002
  • GSA 84: GS-07F-0387Y
  • GSA 78: GS-03F-044CA
  • GSA 23V: GS-30F-006GA
  • DOD EMALL: SPMLW-13D-E-008
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Joe Zirkle

Pacific Northwest Regional Acct. Mgr.


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Joe Zirkle

Joe Zirkle is a retired US Army Satellite Communication Supervisor with over 20 years of military service. During his career, he was an Infantryman in Korea with 1/9th Infantry in Korea and 1/32nd Fort Ord, CA. He reenlisted into Multichannel Communications before deploying to Panama for 3 years. Performing as satellite operator he deployed to Bolivia for Operation “Blast Furnace” working with DEA and Bolivian Authorities on Counter-Drug Interdiction and other missions in Ecuador and Costa Rica. He also attended Panamanian Jungle Survival course “Pana-Jungla” after which he returned to Fort Gordon and was an Instructor before leaving for Germany as a Multichannel Commo Sergeant and November 1990 was deployed to Saudi Arabia and further assigned to 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment for Operation "Desert Storm".

Joe returned to the U.S. after Desert Storm and was assigned as an Instructor developing the future satellite communications operators and was then sent to Fort Lewis, WA. After 2 years at Fort Lewis, he returned to Korea with 229th Signal as a satellite communication section sergeant and platoon sergeant. He returned to Fort Lewis and further to Fort Gordon, GA where he worked to develop the next generation Satellite Terminals with Raytheon and Harris Corporation. Joe completed his BS degree in Electronics Management with Southern Illinois University the after retiring with 20 years of Service. He returned to his home in Washington and became a service center supervisor for Olympus Medical running his own repair center in Kent, WA for 6 years. Joe is responsible for all customers and partners in the Pacific Northwest region. He has a wife, two married daughters and a 1 ½ year old grand-daughter. You can reach Joe via the contact form or information above.

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