The autonomous unmanned ground vehicle maximizing soldier efficiency

The Rheinmetall Mission Master is a unique family of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGVs) designed to support military troops in dangerous missions, difficult terrain, and hostile weather conditions.

The Mission Master is driven by the Rheinmetall PATH A-kit (Proven, Agnostic, Trusted, Highly-Autonomous). It is designed to provide a variety of military vehicles with the capability to operate unmanned, freeing up soldiers and keeping them away from danger. The PATH A-kit is at the core of the Mission Master and it ensures its ability to operate on demand, under all kinds of hostile weather conditions.

Rheinmetall PATH offers a very easy-to-use control interface, where all the critical data is available at a glance. The centralized menu not only provides information on several statuses of the Mission Master, but also allows shows the equipment of each different payload in real-time.

AI Capabilities

Image recognition/classification allows for improved target and obstacle tracking through cluttered environments.

Sensor fusion and data association to come up with an accurate map of the surroundings.

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) uses algorithms to fuse data from all sensors to localize the Mission Master so it can still operate if the GPS signal is lost.

Obstacle detection and avoidance provides situational awareness to plan safe paths around obstacles.





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