R80D SkyRaider

Developed for U.S. Defense and Federal Government Customers, the R80D SkyRaider delivers a range of versatile Group 2-3 payload capabilities with the agility and single-operator deployment footprint of a proven Group 1 VTOL aircraft. With its ability to carry and deliver multiple payloads up to 4.4 lbs, an open architecture, and one of the fastest, most powerful embedded artificial intelligence (AI) computing devices available on a sUAS, the SkyRaider is redefining what’s possible with a man-packable UAS.
R80D SkyRaider
R80D SkyRaider R80D SkyRaider R80D SkyRaider

Built on a battle-tested UAS architecture, the SkyRaider integrates specialized hardware and software to support the unique needs of the U.S. DoD and Federal Government users including proprietary hardware and software interfaces, USG only software releases, ATAK integration and more.

The SkyRaider’s expanded carrying capacity, open payload architecture, and dynamic and responsive flight control, provides an unprecedented level of flexibility in a single sUAS.


Item Specification
Total Length 31.5in (80cm) from motor mount to motor mount
Weight Aircraft 9.9lbs (4.5kg) – Airframe, arms, legs, 4 batteries, no payload
Standard pack 18.7lbs (8.5kg) – Aircraft, Base Station, HDZoom 30
Hot-Swappable Yes
Custom Supported through the SkyRaider Payload Development Kit (PDK)
Carry, Drop, Emplace Osprey: Up to 4.4lbs (2kg)
Day Imager HDZoom 30, EO/IR MK-II, Forward EO/IR
Night Imager EO/IR MK-II, Forward EO/IR
Image Stills HDZoom 30: 20 megapixels (5184 x 3888 pixels)
EO/IR MK-II: 13 megapixels (4192 x 3104 pixels) / (640 x 512 pixels)
Zoom HDZoom 30: 30x optical 60x digital
EO/IR MK-II: 4x digital
Forward EO/IR: NA
Field of View HDZoom 30: 68.6° to 2.6° (30x), 1.3° (60x)
EO/IR MK-II: 58° / 45° (13mm) or 32° (19mm)
Forward EO/IR: 90˚ / 57˚
Video Resolution HDZoom 30: 1080p60 H.264 HD recorded
EO/IR MK-II: 640 x 512 / 8.33 FPS H.264 recorded
Forward EO/IR: 1920 x 1080 / 160 x 120
Video Metadata Embedded STANAG 4609 KLV metadata
Typical Endurance* 50 minutes with high-endurance propulsion system
Over 40 minutes with standard propulsion system
* Endurance specifications measured with Forward EO/IR payload; actual flight time varies based on payload and operating conditions
Max. Speed Ground speed 31mph (50kph)
Max ascent speed 13ft/s (4m/s)
Max descent speed 9ft/s (3m/s)
Temperature -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)
Wind 40mph sustained, 56mph gusting (65kph, 90kph)
Precipitation IP-54, MIL-STD-810G for salt mist/rain
Data Link
Frequency 900MHz, 5.8GHz + other frequencies and waveforms
Radio Range Up to 5 miles (8km) with standard base station
Mission Data AES 256 bit encryption with secure key exchange
Launch Time 3-5 minutes
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