PumpOps Simulator - Top Mount Pump Ops

The Pump Operator Simulator is a full-size replica of a Fire Engine Pump Panel. Its realistic components and functionality provide safe, economical, and highly-realistic training on pump panel operation in a controlled, repeatable environment. As a combination hardware and software simulator, it is designed to accurately emulate hydraulics, different water sources (both pressurized and static), and can be used with a variety of nozzle and hose configurations. The Instructor Operator Station (IOS) allows an instructor to control the simulation, setting conditions and faults, and monitoring the performance of the trainee.
PumpOps Simulator - Top Mount Pump Ops
PumpOps Simulator - Top Mount Pump Ops PumpOps Simulator

The simulator is intended to supplement pump training on a real fire apparatus and performs many of the same functions. It allows reinforcement of hands-on pump operations training for new and existing pump operators in a disciplined, cost-efficient and fail-safe manner, preventing injuries to the trainees and damage to the equipment. Unlike traditional pump units that require the use of thousands of gallons of water, FAAC’s pump panel simulator does not require water, reducing the environmental impact and allowing you to save water, and conduct training even when water usage restrictions and bans are enforced. With the Pump Ops simulator, you can train in any weather and keep all units in service, without having to pull a fire engine for training.

FAAC is able to engineer customized equipment for the simulation of fire pump apparatus. This allows the firefighter trainee to carefully monitor water supply, intake, and other important information that matches the gauges and control panel on the vehicle used by your fire service. By combining the pump operation simulator with our fire truck driver training simulator, you can fully emulate real scenarios that a firefighting team will face.

Top Mount Pump Ops Simulator

PO-1000-TM System Features:

  • Modular unit built into a free-standing cabinet
  • A mixture of authentic components and LCD displays
  • Multiple pump, nozzle, hose configurations
  • The “inner” workings of the panel are simulated through software
  • Active student assessment forms

Optional Upgrades

Upgrade Options for both the Top and Side Mount:

  • 2-Stage pump
  • Trident AirPrime®
  • Dump tank operations/student view
  • Radio/intercom kit

Instructor Operator Station

The simulation is controlled via an Instructor Operator Station (IOS). The IOS is a touch-screen menu-driven interface. The IOS allows the Instructor to control the simulation, set conditions/faults, and monitor performance.

The IOS Primary Functions:

  • Set hose configuration
  • Select an evolution
  • Monitor progress of an evolution
  • Insert malfunctions
  • Setting options and other values
  • Student performance assessment and reports

Product Brochure

FAAC Pump Ops Brochure

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