• SOE: SPM8EJ-14-D-0004
  • FES: SPM8EH-14-D-0002
  • GSA 56: GS-07F-180GA
  • GSA 84: GS-07F-0387Y
  • GSA 78: GS-03F-044CA
  • GSA 23V: GS-30F-006GA
  • FEDMALL: SP47W1-18-D-0006
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Tailored Logistics Support Programs

Efficiently obligate MIPR or MILSTRIP funds through DLA’s Tailored Logistics Support Programs. Managed by DLA Troop Support, the TLS Programs allow authorized government agency customers to quickly and easily allocate MIPR or MILSTRIP funds to procure mission critical equipment and services.

Photo by: Staff Sgt. Christopher Muncy

Darley Defense is a contract vendor in DLA’s TLS Programs for both Fire & Emergency Services Equipment (F&ESE) and Special Operational Equipment (SOE).

DLA TLS Programs are administered by DLA Troop Support and allow authorized DOD, Federal Government or other approved Federal agency end users with a fast and simple procurement channel to obligate their MIPR or MILSTRIP funds.

Darley Defense supplies a full range of equipment and services to DOD, Federal, State and Local Agencies, as well as other authorized customers throughout the world. All members the U.S. Government can take advantage of the TLS Programs.

How To Order


Starts with the end user

Request a quote from Darley Defense.


Unit registration

Finance Office Point of Contact (FOPOC) registers for an account at:


Quote & order form

Quote is received from Darley Defense. Customer completes and submits New Order Request form to DLA Support. All initial requests must be unfunded.


Receipt confirmation

Customer receives confirmation of receipt from DLA Troop Support KO.


Send price notification

KO sends price notification spreadsheet to FOPOC and customer. FOPOC action required.


Return price notification

FOPOC returns price notification spreadsheet with funding information to DLA.


Winning vendor notified of pending award

Winning vendor receives notification from DLA Troop Support regarding pending award based on best value to the end user.


Winning vendor authorized to perform

DLA Troop Support obligates funds and authorizes winning vendor to perform on contract.

Fire & Emergency Services Equipment (F&ESE) TLS Program

Contract: SPM8EH-14-D-0002
Managing Contract Office: DLA Troop Support
Approved Funding: MIPIR or MILSTRIP
Administrative Fee: 5.4%
Freight: FOB Destination
Scope: Structural Firefighting, Aircraft/Crash Rescue, Hazardous Material Response, Emergency Medical Services, Homeland Security and Domestic Preparedness.

Special Operational Equipment (SOE)

Contract: SPM8EJ-14-D-0004
Managing Contract Office: DLA Troop Support
Approved Funding: MIPIR or MILSTRIP
Administrative Fee: 5.4%
Freight: FOB Destination
Scope: Marine Lifesaving and Diving Equipment, Tactical Gear, Safety Equipment, Search and Rescue Equipment, Personal Protection Gear, Flight Deck and Flight Crew Safety Items and Explosive Ordnance Equipment.