Pawn Robotic Kit

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The WMR Pawn is a highly effective, low cost, expendable robot designed to transport the BootBanger and other comparable energetic tools used to disrupt Vehicle-Borne IEDs.
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WM Robots

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WM Robots sets a precedent for the future development of product technologies. These products include but are not limited to; Mine Detection, IED Detection, Ordnance Geophysical Mapping, Remote Explosive Disposal and Autonomous Vehicle Controls.

GSA Exclusive

The Pawn limits the risk to equipment and personnel by providing the required capabilities needed to deploy a countermeasure and disrupt a VBIED at a fraction of the cost of robots currently being used. Pawn gives operators a simple-to-use robotic platform designed to transport a 45 lb. BootBanger or comparable energetic tool up to 500 ft. on a roadway (non-line of sight), position it under a vehicle and initiate it. Pawn can also be used to deploy countermeasures to disrupt buried IEDs depending upon road/surface conditions.

Pawn Kit Accessories:

  • NTSC Camera
  • 500 ft. Wire Spool for Command and Control
  • Video and Firing Cable Control Unit
  • Video Port
  • Initiator Connection Port
  • NTSC to USB Video Converter
  • (12) 1.5V Alkaline C-Cell Batteries

BootBanger not included.

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