Delivering technological advantages that help redefine the battlespace


Addressing the challenges of the next generation of warfighters

The tactical communications landscape is evolving. From the new class of users being introduced into the network to the way information exchange requirements are adapting to mission-driven needs, Viasat anticipates these challenges and more that warfighters will be facing. Their end-to-end approach to Link 16 and LOS communications, features:

  • Broadest range of terminals and radios available
  • Built-in resiliency and redundancy with our tactical gateways
  • Tech enhancements including more throughput, better crypto and nimbler network management

Assured access to mission-critical information in

contested environments

Gain enhanced situational awareness with real-time Tactical

Data Links and Line-of-Sight communications

Direct access to the Link 16 network to coordinate and maneuver forces


For the first time in history, Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) have a digital connection directly into CAS aircraft mission computers via machine-to-machine interface over Link 16. With secure and reliable access to both air and ground (friendly and enemy) data, targeting timelines are significantly shortened by nearly 95%, reducing the risk of fratricide incidents.


BATS-D: A radio like no other

"Every single JTAC we surveyed who's used the BATS-D system said

they don't just want the BATS-D radio, they don't want to go into

combat without it."

 – Ed Priest
Former U.S. Air Force Combat Controller for 23+ Years

Link 16 Software Tools

A full range of software tools for monitoring and management of 

Link 16 terminals and networks

Link 16 Equipment and Accessories 

Elevate the capabilities of Link 16 terminals with tactical gateways, racks and supporting equipment 

Link 16 / Tactical Data Links 

Real-Time Situational Awareness Across the Battlespace

In the choas of combat, you only have seconds to identify a freind from foe before deciding whether or not to engage. And in today's conflicts, freindly fire continues to be a growing risk as warfighters ned to make a split-second, life or death decisions. 

Specialized instruction for Link 16 applications

Comprehensive training for applications of Links 16, MIDS, related software, and support equipment.

Benefits you'll get with Link 16

  • Built-in interoperability with Viasat’s family of Link 16 terminals
  • Manage and troubleshoot your own Link 16 networks and terminals with Viasat’s software tools
  • Better performance per dollar with Viasat’s support equipment so you can get more value out of your equipment and optimize your mission
  • Lower logistics costs with in-country/field support to help you address repair needs much faster
  • Reduce risk with 360-degree support from Viasat, including CONOPs development, training, network design, and help with lifecycle requirements

Darley Defense is proud to partner with Viasat to offer satellite communications (SATCOM) systems and tactical data link products.

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