• SOE: SPM8EJ-14-D-0004
  • FES: SPM8EH-14-D-0002
  • GSA 56: GS-07F-180GA
  • GSA 84: GS-07F-0387Y
  • GSA 78: GS-03F-044CA
  • GSA 23V: GS-30F-006GA
  • FEDMALL: SP47W1-18-D-0006

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Darley Defense Training Support


A soldier’s training is their greatest tool for completing a task. Even after 8 to 12 weeks of boot camp, advance training, and ongoing training a solider knows their training is never truly complete. There is always a new tool to learn, a new maneuver to master, a new challenge to overcome. In order for a solider to reach their fullest potential, constant training through a diverse number of situations is needed.

Getting the most out of every training situation should be the priority for every solider, which creates the need for superiors to provide the best training material. Darley Defense understands the need to supply a solider with the right training for the right situation. Darley Defense’s Subject Matter Experts help develop tailor-made scenarios that are appropriate, efficient, cost-effective, and most of all useful to supporting the modern solider.

A diverse group of Manufacturing partnerships such as ASP, Drager, Laser Shot, and more, allow Darley to provide troop support to the modern solider with proper resources for any number of different situations. Our list of partners grow with the changing needs of the military. Darley Defense will always work to provide the best training support to their customers.

To learn more about Darley’s Training Support capabilities contact one of our reps