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Darley Defense Days Fort Bragg 2019 Preview


Darley Defense proudly hosts its 4th annual Darley Defense Days Expo at Fort Bragg on May 7th to the 8th. Our expo will feature 70+ vendors who will be bringing the latest and most advanced products for warfighters.

We will have innovative defense radar technology from RADA Technologies.


Their pulse-Doppler AESA radars offer some of the best performance to price ratios on the market. They are a leading provider of video and data recorders for aircraft.

Thin Air Gear will be at the expo and will be showcasing their deployment bags.


The bags are second to none in the military market. They expand to a size appropriate for the mission. The bags are wheelable, ruckable, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Veteran-owned businesses, like Deployed Resources, are important supporters of Darley Defense Days.

Deployed Resources

Deployed Resources provide the equipment our warfighters need to plan, deploy, breakdown and clean up temporary structures. They offer a full-service turnkey solution for customers looking for a cost-conscious solution for temporary housing, offices, and more.

Whether you’re a Mechanic, Engineer, or a solider with a job to do, you need the right toolkit for the mission at hand. Kipper Tool Company is a woman-owned small business that provides tool kits for the defense industry.

They make sure that every part of your kit is correct from ensuring the right fit, to making sure you have everything for your special equipment needs. They will save you hours of research and stop you from purchasing tools and equipment you don’t need.

Delicate computers are a luxury, warfighters can’t afford. The need for electronic equipment to stand up to harsh conditions is paramount to the success of modern-day missions. Getac builds the most rugged and reliable notebooks and tablets on the market.


Their products are built using high-quality magnesium alloy and feature a design capable of withstanding drops, shocks, spills, vibrations, and more. If you’re working in an extreme environment and need a notebook that can keep up with the unit look no further than Getac.

The need for security is paramount to every mission’s success. ShadowTech Labs, Inc is a defense consulting company that provides turn-key security solutions tailor-made for each customer’s unique mission.


The company is veteran-owned and is staffed by former warfighters, so you can be assured they know the importance of success.

When it comes to life and death scenarios, you need every advantage. Anything that improves you or your weapon could be the reason you survive one of those situations. At the show, we will have Trijicon optics.


Trijicon optics are legendary in the defense industry. Their scopes are durable and designed to adapt to any situation that’s thrown at them. It’s no surprise Trijicon is the optic of choice for former and active military personnel.

So, you have the right scope, the right tools, and all the extra equipment that comes with them, so how are you going to carry them? Catoma has the answer.


Their Switchblade kits are designed with 2-man, 3-man, and 4-man teams in mind. The switchblade packs can be tailored to each team and can be adapted if more gear needs to be carried. The versatility of these packs is second to none, and they are made to withstand anything a warfighter can throw at it.

It’s one thing if a soldier’s gear breaks down it’s another if they breakdown, DFND is creating the products warfighters need to withstand injury.


DFND creates compression clothing to keep warfighters in the fight. Their compression fabric reduces friction and improves moisture wicking, keeping the user cool.  The circular knit fabric is lightweight and breathable while protecting warfighters from the damaging effects of the sun. DFND helps soldiers recover and keeps them in the fight longer.

When chaos shows up on the battlefield, communication the answer to mission success, Black Diamond Advanced Technology brings the solutions to keep the team on the same page.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a veteran-owned small business that specializes in creating customized hub systems to control a variety of missions.

As technology has advanced so has the tools used in the field. Martin UAV creates some of the world’s most advanced unmanned systems.


Martin UAV’s V-BAT is an aerodynamic marvel. The V-BAT is a VTOL design that can fly for up to 8 hours while equipped with an 8lb payload. The UAV doesn’t have exposed rotors which makes it far safer than other designs. If you are looking for UAV solutions, look no further than the V-BAT from Martin UAV.

With the growing use of UAV’s counter UAV devices are becoming more and more important, Ascent Vision is filling that role. Ascent Vision Technologies is a company that specializes in surveillance, air defense, and counter drone technologies.

Ascent Vision

Counter drone technology has become key to the defense market. Ascent Vision’s X-Madis detects, identifies and removes sUAS. The X-Madis provides on-the-move force protection from aerial threats.

This is just a taste of what will be on display at Darley Defense Days. This expo is a great opportunity for warfighters to locate the tools they need to complete their mission. You can contact a Darley Rep to learn more here.