• SOE: SPM8EJ-14-D-0004
  • FES: SPE8EH-19-D-0019
  • GSA 56: GS-07F-180GA
  • GSA 84: GS-07F-0387Y
  • GSA 78: GS-03F-044CA
  • GSA 23V: GS-30F-006GA
  • FEDMALL: SP47W1-18-D-0006

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Darley Defense at SOFIC booth #1836


Darley Defense is proud to be exhibiting again at this year’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, FL May 20th to the 23rd. We will be in booth #1836, and we will have vendors in our booth showcasing their products and services.

Citadel Defense is a counter drone technology company that develops and deploys drone for military, government, and commercial markets. Citadel Defense is committed to protecting our military’s airspace from enemy drones.

Safran Optics 1 is a leader in designing and producing laser rangefinders, markers, visual augmentation systems, precision north finding, inertial navigation systems, and more. Safran Optics 1 excels in understanding military requirements and designing solutions to meet their expectations.

Martin UAV creates some of the world’s most advanced unmanned systems. Martin UAV’s V-BAT is an aerodynamic marvel. The V-BAT is a VTOL design that can fly for up to 8 hours while equipped with an 8lb payload. The UAV doesn’t have exposed rotors, which makes it far safer than other designs. If you are looking for UAV solutions, look no further than the V-BAT from Martin UAV.

Ascent Vision Technologies is a company that specializes in surveillance, air defense, and counter drone technologies. Counter drone technology has become key to the defense market. Ascent Vision’s X-Madis detects, identifies, and removes sUAS. The X-Madis provides on-the-move force protection from aerial threats.

Viasat is a communication company that creates networks to connect everyone in an organization. Viasat provides high capacity, high powered, and fast connections; no matter the obstacle.

Blue Sky Network is a pioneer in satellite tracking systems and two-way communication for government fleets worldwide. Blue Sky Network uses its extensive satellite network to reliably connect their customers in almost every type of environment imaginable.

GoTennaPRO produces a device that tacks every member of the team and keeps them connected. The GoTenna Pro attaches to each team member and provides GPS tracking of each member. The device allows the team to collaborate on a map updated with each users tracking information and marks.

Black Diamond is a veteran-owned small business that specializes in creating customized hub systems to control a variety of missions. When chaos shows up on the battlefield, communication the answer to mission success, Black Diamond Advanced Technology brings the solutions to keep the team on the same page.