Multiple Output Simulator and Training / Instructional Aid

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Explotrain® Multiple Output Simulator and Training / Instructional Aid provides the trainer or instructor with multiple outputs to indicate the triggering of a simulated explosive device.
Explotrain, LLC

Explotrain, LLC

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At Explotrain we strive to produce the best, most reliable, and safest battlefield effects, training aids and blast simulators available on the market. We understand training is constantly evolving to adapt to the emerging threats encountered on the battlefield and incidents which are becoming more prevalent throughout the world.

GSA Exclusive

Provides powered blast and shockwave using compressed air or C02, LED flash, 90dB buzzer, 12 volts DC, or normally open relay closure. A 15,000 lumen LED flash and XP-357 blast option is also available to simulate the report of a flash bang grenade.

Multiple Outputs for simulation and teaching
Flash bang simulation capability
Includes X-CAP Blasting Cap transmitters
Length: 18"
Height: 7"
Weight: 17 lbs

TAA and Berry Compliant

Made in USA.

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