MRZR Diesel

The MRZR Diesel is an ultra-light tactical off-road vehicle. Delivering proven and trusted mobility, air-transportability, mission versatility and durability to quickly and effectively transport personnel and mission-critical gear over the most extreme terrain.


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MRZR Diesel
MRZR Diesel MRZR Diesel MRZR Diesel MRZR Diesel MRZR Diesel

Key Features


MRZR is made for mission versatility with 500 lb of rear box capacity, auxiliary power, and cargo tie-down points with seating for up to 6.


Designed to be as expeditionary as the soldiers who count on them, MRZR models feature aircraft tie-downs and a folding roll cage.


Refined through operator feedback, MRZR is durable and effective for any mission with better sight lines and longer range.

MRZR Diesel Options


Turbo diesel powered ultra-light mobility in the nimble 2-seat variant.

  • Person Capacity: 2-4
  • Payload Capacity (lb): 1,000
  • Towing Capacity (lb): 1,500
  • 4-stroke SOHC Three Cylinder Turbo Diesel
  • 12.5 in Ground Clearance
  • Quick Rail Cargo System
  • Standard Spare Tire Holder
  • White LED (ON/OFF) Blackout Drive, IR Light
  • 1 litter capacity


Turbo diesel powered mobility for 4 with a longer wheelbase and more payload.

  • Person Capacity: 4-6
  • Payload Capacity (lb): 1,500
  • Towing Capacity (lb): 1,500
  • 4-Stroke SOHC Three Cylinder Turbo Diesel
  • 12 in Ground Clearance
  • Quick Rail Cargo System
  • Standard Spare tire holder
  • White LED (ON/OFF) Blackout Drive, IR Light
  • 1-2 litter capacity


Modular Holders

Carry a fuel/water can or spare tire in up to four locations on the outside rails of the cargo bed with our modular holders, allowing ultimate modularity and maximized cargo space.

IR Light

Baja Designs Squadron IR light is compact, robust, flexible and waterproof. The MRZR D version also features an on/off switch.

Molle Roof

Protection from the elements with this durable molle roof.

UTV Jack

Sized for the MRZR, this 36" Hi-Lift® UTV jack is built specifically for off-road repairs. The lightweight jack can be kept readily available with the on-vehicle mounting kit for easy access and storage.

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