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The Safran Optics 1 I-CUGR (Integrated Compact Ultralight Gun-Mounted Rangefinder) increases first round hits for mid to long range shooters when mission success relies on range performance.
Safran Optics 1

Safran Optics 1

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GSA Exclusive

I-CUGR’s selector switch and simple two-button remote toggles a visible High/Low pointer, IR High/Low pointer and a powerful Class 1 Vectronix 3013 LRF. The lasers are fused to one bench for easy and reliable bore sighting. Seeing a target at night is also enhanced by the IR flood capability.

Built for the military, the I-CUGR pairs with Kestrel weather meters to seamlessly tie accurate range data into the proven Applied Ballistics tables for speed and confidence on the battle field.

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