HELIX Magnum Suppressor System

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The OSS HELIX MAGNUM is an integrated flush mount suppressor system ideal for shooters needing multi-rifle modularity from 5.56mm up to .338 and is optimized for large bore precision bolt action rifles.
Operators Suppressor Systems

Operators Suppressor Systems

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OSS’s patented Flow-Through technology delivers the unmatched performance that meets the weapon and mission requirements of military, SOF, LE and tactical professionals around the world.

GSA Exclusive

Built with titanium, stainless steel and cobalt and utilizing OSS Generation V Flow-Through technology, the HELIX MAGNUM dramatically reduces backpressure, blowback, sound and flash signature, while performing on a wide range of calibers and platforms. The HX MAGNUM is hearing safe on select .338 systems. The system includes an STS Muzzle Brake, a self-tightening mounting device.
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