Hazcat Kit Reagent

Haztech offers a variety of reagent kits that can be used for detecting or measuring substances.
Hazcat Kit Reagent
Hazcat Kit Reagent Hazcat Kit Reagent Hazcat Kit Reagent Hazcat Kit Reagent Hazcat Kit Reagent Hazcat Kit Reagent Hazcat Kit Reagent


Name Manufacturer Part Number Country of Origin Weight/Volume/Quantity
Distilled Water RE2300 USA 30 ml
3N Hydrochloric Acid RE2301 USA 30 ml
Nitric Acid RE2302 USA 30 ml
Hydrochloric Acid RE2303 USA 30 ml
Sulfuric Acid RE2304 USA 30 ml
Sodium Borate RE2305 USA 1 oz
Potassium Ferrocyanide RE2306 USA 30 ml
Ammonium Hydroxide RE2307 USA 30 ml
Sodium Hydroxide RE2308 USA 30 ml
Sulfide Test HW4061 USA 100 strips
Hydrogen Peroxide RE2310 USA 30 ml
Diphenylcarbazide RE2311 USA 30 ml
Dithizone in Methylene Chloride RE2312 USA 30 ml
Ammonium Acetate/Acetic Acid RE2313 USA 30 ml
Aluminon RE2314 USA 30 ml
Dipyridyl RE2315 USA 30 ml
Ammonium Oxalate RE2316 USA 30 ml
Sodium Thiocyanate RE2317 USA 30 ml
Rhodozinic Acid RE2318 USA 30 ml
Magneson II RE2319 USA 30 ml
Dimethylglyoxime RE2320 USA 30 ml
Copper Slugs RE2321 USA 10 slugs
Stannous Chloride RE2322 USA 13 g
Potassium Iodide RE2323 USA 28 g
Zinc RE2324 USA 15 g
Methanol RE2325 USA 30 ml
Xylene RE2326 USA 30 ml
Reagent Paper Strips RE2327 USA 20 strips
Silver Nitrate RE2328 USA 30 ml
Barium Chloride RE2329 USA 30 ml
Alizarin RE2330 USA 30 ml
Methylene Blue RE2331 USA 30 ml
Ferrous Ammonium RE2332 USA 30 ml
Ferrous Ammonium Citrate RE2333 USA 1 oz
Potassium Chromate RE2314 USA 30 ml
Copper Sulfate RE2335 USA 30 ml
Potassium Permanganate RE2338 USA 1 oz
Filter Papers RE2341 USA 10 filters
Thioacetamide RE2342 USA 30 ml
Lugol's Solution RE2343 USA 30 ml
Ammonium Molybdate RE2344 USA 1 oz
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