Hazcat 2.0 Industrial Chemical Identification Kit

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The KT2011 is a Qualitative Chemical Analysis Field Kit that identifies thousands of industrial chemicals, drug lab precursors, chemical warfare agent precursors, heavy metals, poisons, reactive oxidizers and reducers, etc. The end user does not need to be a chemist. I typically takes a day to learn how to use the kit. Complete – everything needed for field testing.
Haztech Systems, Inc.

Haztech Systems, Inc.

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HazTech Systems, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of the HazCat® Industrial Chemical, WMD, Anthrax, and other specialty kits, the specialty hardware, the reagents, the publications and other intellectual proprietary products used solely in the HazCat® Kits.


  • Easy – non-chemist can master
  • Cost Effective – eliminate lab tests
  • Versatile – ID > 10K chemicals
  • Fast – 20 min typical on-site assay
  • Rugged – designed for field use
  • Inexpensive – pays for itself in 1 use

Country of Origin: USA
Length: 19"
Width: 10"
Height: 11"
Weight: 25 lbs.
Case Color: May be orange or black depending on availability

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Hazcat 2.0 Industrial Chemical Identification Kit Spec Sheet

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