ELITE 762k+ Suppressor System

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The OSS ELITE 762k+ Over-the-Barrel (OTB) is an integrated flush mount suppressor system ideal for all military assault rifle applications.
Operators Suppressor Systems

Operators Suppressor Systems

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OSS’s patented Flow-Through technology delivers the unmatched performance that meets the weapon and mission requirements of military, SOF, LE and tactical professionals around the world.

GSA Exclusive

Built with titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt and utilizing OSS Generation V Flow-Through technology, the ELITE 762k+ delivers test-proven suppression, superior heat mitigation and durability. The ELITE 762k+ is a two-component system, featuring a Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) and a Signature Reduction Module (SRM). The BPR is ideal as a standalone, almost hear safe, suppression device for shooters looking for some sound suppression, reduced recoil and flash and minimal added length and weight. With the quick attachment of an SRM, sound suppression levels can be increased for a specific mission type. The combined BPR and SRM is an ATF designated system that delivers hearing safe sound suppression, flash suppression and unmatched heat mitigation critical for full-auto fire use.
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