The Cyclops2020 is a Movement Detection System designed to locate life for First Responders, Firefighters, Law Enforcement personnel and Military.
  • Detects Signs of Life in Seconds in Near Real Time
  • Designed to locate trapped individuals and even animals in a Search and Rescue scenario
  • Cyclops2020 can see thru concrete walls up to 8 inches thick and will see thru most common household walls including glass
  • Works thru Walls, Rubble and Concrete
  • Handheld and can be gun mounted, robot or drone mounted
  • Maximum detection up to 50 feet is standard
  • Designed to be small, low power and lightweight.
  • Uses a proprietary algorithm, circuit design and software Designed to be small, low power and lightweight
  • Great for Hunters and Pest Control Companies to Detect Rodents
Specifications Description
Model Cyclops 2020 Rev A
System Type Low Emitting Doppler Radar
Radar Antenna Configuration 1 Transceiver
Operating Wavelength 24.125GHz
Beam Width 80°azimuth and 3232°elevation antenna pattern
Power One PP3, 9 Volt Battery (commonly used in fire detectors)
Power Options Disposable or Rechargeable 9 Volt or external robot/drone power options
Scans Per Charge 4 hour continuous
Life Sign Detection Organic Movement
Clear Air Detection Range 50 feet
Display Multicolor LEDs stantard
Special Features 1 mW Visible Laser, Red
Dimensions 3.7” X 1.9” X 1.6” (94 mm X 47 mm 40 mm)
Weight 150 grams
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