Cutting Torch

Our 233ci Cutting Torch system is light weight, low profile and scalable to meet your mission requirements. Using fuel rods promoted by pure oxygen, our system will quickly get you through what stands in your way when other breaching methods aren’t suitable for technical or tactical reasons.
Wilcox Industries

Wilcox Industries

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Making tactical products that have a reputation for quality and toughness is what Wilcox is committed to. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing Wilcox has become known as a proven performer.

Cutting Torch
Cutting Torch

Features and Benefits

  • Quick change collect accepts multiple sizes of fuel rods
  • Trigger mechanism provides ergonomic grip
  • Safety lock prevents ignition when stowed or dropped
  • On the fly thumb-wheel provides fine adjustment of O2 flow
  • Quick connect securely attaches to hose assembly

Product Brochure

Cutting Torch Technical Data Sheet

Cutting Torch Operator Manual

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