COSMO: Clip-on SWIR Monocular

COSMO is a compact, lightweight See-Spot device capable of detecting and visualizing SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) designators, markers, pointers, and strobes. It can be used in a rail-mounted or handheld configurations and is small enough to fit into most plate carrier pouches.
Safran Optics 1

Safran Optics 1

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Optics 1 is a global leader in full-service state-of-the-art design and production of electro-optical products, systems, and sensors.

The user can easily detect and observe laser marks from rotary wing, ISR, and CAS platforms above or on the ground from a JTAC, JFO or FO self-employed laser designator/marker. It allows the user to confidently and accurately aim a designator or marker and visualize the precise position of mark on the target.

COSMO is equipped with a multi-PRF (Pulse Rate Frequency) code counting APD (Avalanche Photodiode) that will detect and display up to three codes simultaneously.

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