CM262 | ISR & CUAS

The CM262 is a portable gyro-stabilized optic that incorporates four cutting-edge sensor configurations in a compact system that weighs under 30lb/12kg. This is includes high definition electro-optic with 60x optical zoom, HD MWIR with 20x continuous optical zoom, SWIR and a laser range finder. The CM262 is a powerful, multi-purpose tool that adapts from one mission to the next.
CM262 | ISR & CUAS
CM262 | ISR & CUAS

With AVT’s revolutionary software enhancements, the CM262 simplifies ISR, force protection and counter UAS missions. An advanced video processor provides superior performance on the move.

Improved Situational Awareness

The CM262 incorporates the best sensor configurations on the market to give customers enhanced situational awareness. The CM262 has been carefully engineered to improve detection and identification of threats and increase the operator’s response time, which can help save lives in the field. Four sensor configurations ensure the operator can effectively carryout the mission in all lighting conditions and environments.


The CM262 utilizes a crisp HD MWIR core to deliver accurate intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance at night and in low light conditions.

High Performance On-The-Move

Optimized for on-the-move missions, the CM262 offers enhanced stabilization to deliver a smooth and seamless video experience.

Size: 260 mm / 10in (D) x 395 mm /15.6in (H)
Weight: 26.5lb / 12kg
EO: 60x Optical Zoom
IR: MWIR with 20x Optical Zoom
IP Rating: IP67

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