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The CM262M gyro-stabilized imaging system offers superior performance at sea for a system of its size, weight, power and cost. Full HD (high definition daylight and mid-wave infrared) sensors provide crisp and accurate imagery at day and night to facilitate accurate target detection, recognition and identification.
Ascent Vision Technologies

Ascent Vision Technologies

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Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) specializes in gyro-stabilized imaging systems and fully integrated solutions for ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance); air defense; and counter drone operations for the defense and aerospace industry.

Designed for long range missions, the CM262M offers 60x daylight and 20x thermal continuous optical zoom. A larger video processor provides accurate and reliable object tracking, improved on-the-move stabilization, and robust video content analytics. To ensure maximum performance and reliability, the CM262M has an IP67 rating.

Full HD

High definition electro-optical and MWIR imagery provides accurate detection, recognition and identification of a target at day and night. This helps the operator make informed decisions when responding to a threat.

Long Range DRI

The CM262M offers maximum detection, recognition and identification from long ranges with 60x daylight and 20x MWIR continuous optical zoom.

High Performance On-The-Move

Optimized for on-the-move missions, the CM262M offers enhanced stabilization technologies to reduce platform movements, delivering an improved video experience.

Size: 260mm / 10in (D) x 395mm / 15.6in (H)
Weight: 26.5lb / 12kg
EO: 60x Optical Zoom
IR: MWIR with 20x Optical Zoom
IP Rating: IP67

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