CM202S | Surveillance

The CM202S is a portable, multi sensor imaging system, designed for ground-based surveillance operations. For long range target detection and identification, the CM202S includes a high definition daylight sensor with 60x optical zoom, and a cooled MWIR sensor with 20x continuous optical zoom.
CM202S | Surveillance
CM202S | Surveillance

Optimized for mobile missions, the CM202S provides accurate intelligence at day and night while mounted on mobile ground vehicles.

Low SWaP

The CM202S provides excellent performance for a system of its size (8 inches in diameter), weight (12 lbs) and power (55 W).


Designed for mobile surveillance operations, the CM202S fits inside a backpack for easy transportation between facilities.

Rapid Deployment

The compact system provides easy setup and operation for rapid situational awareness.


Optimized for harsh environmental conditions, the CM202S has been engineered to perform in high heat and humid conditions.

Size: 203mm / 8in (D) x 320mm / 12.6in (H)
Weight: 12.1lb / 5500g
EO: 60x Optical Zoom
IR: MWIR with 20x Optical Zoom
IP Rating: IP66

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