Caiman Bump Mandible Guard

Bump Mandible Guard integrates with side rails through a slide, latch, and lock system.


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At Galvion, we design, develop and deliver protective armor and head systems, as well as innovative power supply and management solutions for soldier and vehicle. We invest in the development of advanced concept, integrated systems that will be critical to meet the challenges of tomorrow and beyond.

Size: Small /Medium, Large, X-Large/XX Large
Colors: Black, Tan, Gray

  • Allowing users to unclip and swing the mandible guard wide open
  • Ultra-slim, ergonomic fit ensures unencumbered head movement and maximum field of vision
  • Guards integrate with side rails through a slide, latch and lock system designed to be tough and flexible

Length: 16.5"
Height: 9"
Weight: 137 g

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