Active Infrared Security System 509

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US Air Force approved, the Active Infrared Security System 509 is a flexible and customizable indoor or outdoor infrared intrusion detection solution.
ShadowTech Labs, Inc

ShadowTech Labs, Inc

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A manufacturer with both tactical and technical physical security expertise, ShadowTech Labs provides innovative and customized-to-mission, rapidly deployable, security products: enhancing the lethality and survivability of warfighters.


  • Each Active Infrared Security System 509 includes two custom towers to provide intrusion detection of adversaries at any speed (walking, running, run/jumping, crawling, and rolling)
  • Multiple beam options, scalable to customer needs from 20 cm (7.8 inches) to 4 meters (16 feet) in height
  • The 509 is insusceptible to sunlight or other light sources and changes in temperature
  • Shore powered
  • The 509 is offered in various types of tower configurations:
    • clear or black anodized
    • powder coated in RAL-colors
    • custom designed mounting options


Security Applications: bay doors, hangars, windows, restricted access areas, etc.

USAF Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Equipment Approved for Security in Non-Nuclear Areas

(USAF Nuclear Area Approval Pending)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Tested, Site Accepted, and In Use at US Commercial Nuclear Power Facilities

Customizable to your mission requirements.

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