40' Combination Fire Trainer

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This training system is everything you need to provide the means to keep your team proficient, alert, and skilled. This unit can be customized to provide solutions for various combinations of training requirements.
Kirila Fire Training Facilities, Inc.

Kirila Fire Training Facilities, Inc.

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Kirila Fire's trainers are constructed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Defense (DoD).

40' Combination Fire Trainer
40' Combination Fire Trainer 40' Combination Fire Trainer

Mobility Features

  • Mobile Trailer Option
  • Below-trailer Storage: 12' x 8'
  • Transportable OSHA Platforms/Stairs
  • Retractable 10' Rappel Tower with Bail-out Window
  • Fold-down/Removable Roof Rail System
  • GPS Tracking Device
  • Built-in Scale


A versatile and cost-effective alternative to a fixed structural training system. This modular trainer is designed to meet your specific or a combination of training needs.


  • Customizable
  • Confined Space Tunnels
  • Rappelling Tower
  • Forced Entry Props
  • SCBA Maze
  • Reconfigurable Walls
  • Ventilation Roof Prop
  • Collapsible Floor & Foam Pit
  • Ceiling Pull-down Simulator
  • Basement Hatch
  • Shoring Prop
  • Slide-outs
  • Roof Access Hatch
  • Removable Fire Box
  • Ventilation System
  • Smoke Scrubber
  • Burn Room(s)
  • Debris Hatch
  • Rollover/Flashover
  • On-board Propane Tanks
  • Low Visibility (Smoke)
  • Sound Effects
  • Search and Rescue
  • Self-rescue Prop
  • Hazmat Tanker Features
  • Leaking Hazmat Drum
  • Breach Window
  • Denver Drill Window
  • Railcar
  • Structural Collapse
  • Submarine
  • Ships Door
  • Standpipe
  • Cascade Fill Station
  • Equipment Room/Storage
  • E-Trak System
  • Video Recording System
  • Interior/Exterior Lighting
  • Exterior Paint/Graphics
  • And MORE

Keep it Real

You can choose Class A-fueled, gas-fueled, or a combination of fuels. REAL LIVE FIRE will always create the most realistic training environment.

Burn Options

  • Flashover Effect
  • Integrated LPG Props
  • Burn Crib
  • Class A Burn Room(s) & Props
  • LPG Burn Room(s) & Props


  • Observation & Emergency Retrieval Openings
  • Sprinkler System
  • Pilot Flame Status Monitor
  • Safety Shut-offs
  • Thermo Boards
  • Temperature Sensors/Alarm
  • Gas Detection
  • FD Connections (Ground level)

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40' Combination Fire Trainer Brochure

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